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Whether you're a school-at-home type or a devout unschooler, the lesson plans, unit studies, worksheets and study guides we've included here will inspire you and your children to delve deeper into learning. This section is packed full of creative lesson plans, that we hope will inspire your child to devour more literature, expand his or her vocabulary and learn to better express him or herself.

Budget Home$chool has added an entire selection of Study Guides that corresponds with our "Books Online" selection.

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    • A Study Guide for The Adventures of Tom Sawyerby Mark Twain Ages: 12 - 18Clemens was only eleven years old when his father died. At thirteen he became a printer's apprentice. When he was seventeen and had learned the trade, Clemens left Hannibal to work in printing shops and on newspapers from Iowa to New York.Subjects: activity, lesson, journal, third-person, Mark Twain, writing, vocabulary

    • A Study Guide For Pride and Prejudiceby The Glencoe Literature Library Ages: 10 - 16The novel takes place in England in the early 1800s, during a time known as the Regency period. The term refers to England's ruler between 1810 and 1820, George IV. The Regency period is sometimes called the age of elegance. Subjects: PDF, Jane Austen, study guide, literature, novel, activities

    • The Adventures of Tom Sawyerby Mark Twain Ages: 12 - 18The central source for MT's first novel is obviously the childhood of Sam Clemens. But both Tom Sawyer the boy and Tom Sawyer the book are imaginatively dependent on texts. It is chiefly from books -- about Robin Hood, pirates, robbers...Subjects: lesson plan, composition, chapters, reviews, nostalgia, library

    • A Study Guide For Huckleberry Finnby The Glencoe Literature Library Ages: 10 - 15The cast of characters includes many personalities with whom Twain was familiar: liars, cheaters, and hypocrites. The author examines these representative types, mercilessly exposing their weaknesses and displaying their terrible, senseless cruelty...Subjects: PDF, Mark Twain, lesson plan, study guide, vocabulary, writing lesson

    • Macbethby William Shakespeare Ages: 13 - 18Macbeth is the story of the quest of Macbeth and his Lady to attain the throne of Scotland. Macbeth is a gifted leader, a fierce warrior, an imaginative, sensitive soul. But he wants to be king...Subjects: language arts, novel guide, Scotland, glory, tragedy, role-playing

    • Anne of Green Gables Mini-Unitby Easy Fun School Ages: 10 - 14Did you also know that it is the first in a series of books about Anne? Here are some fun ideas and activities to use in conjunction with a study of this book as well as for the series...Subjects: Anne Shirley, Prince Edward Island, Lucy Maud Montgomery, study guide

    • The Prince and the Pauperby Jennifer Chandler Ages: 12 - 16As students begin to understand fiction and nonfiction, I introduce historical fiction. Some elements of the story are factual, while others are fabricated. This unit includes activities that can be used to help students understand the pieces...Subjects: study guide, historical, fiction, English culture, Renaissance Period

    • A Study Guide For Beowulfby Burton Raffel Ages: 14 - 18By the time that Beowulf was written down, Germanic tribes from Scandinavia and elsewhere in northern Europe had been invading England's shores for centuries. The principal human characters...Subjects: activity, epithet, vocabulary, monsters, Geats, Europe, Danes,

    • The Red Badge of Courageby Stephen Crane Ages: 11 - 16Stephen Crane had no personal experience of warfare when he wrote this novel, yet he successfully depicts the experiences, the terror, and the bravery of an ordinary soldier in the Civil War. Facing his own cowardice ...Subjects: novel, Civil War, courage, fight, glory, war, literature

    • The Call of the Wildby Class Zone Ages: 12 - 15The Call of the Wild is a classic dog story that explores the role environment plays in shaping character. Buck is a privileged, dignified dog who is taken from his southern Californian home and shipped to Alaska during the 1890's Gold Rush.Subjects: language arts, novel guide, Jack London

    • A Study Guide For Wuthering Heightsby Emily Bronte Ages: 12 - 18Written by a reclusive 28-year-old who was a mystery even to her family, Wuthering Heights is generally considered a masterpiece that stands outside the mainstream of Victorian literature. The story of Heathcliff, an orphan rescued from city slum.Subjects: study guide, novel, inheritance, vocabulary, England, active reading

    • Jane Eyreby Glencoe Literature Library Ages: 12+The use of the first person enables the reader to move immediately into Jane Eyre's world -- the lonely and difficult world of an orphaned girl who must make difficult choices and think for herself in nineteenth-century England.Subjects: Charlotte Brontë, study guide, literature, history

    • Alice's Adventures in Wonderlandby Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain and John McIlvain Ages: 12 - 16Define and use in a good illustrative sentence - caucus, insolence, adjourn, audibly, melancholy. Write a very long and dry sentence about any topic you are studying in another class. How does the caterpillar help Alice? Subjects: study guide, journal, writing, assignments, sentence structure

    • Cyrano de Bergerac Study Guideby Book Rags Ages: 12 - 18Cyrano de Bergerac Study Guide consists of approx. 84 pages of summaries and analysis on Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand.Subjects: essay, play, Paris, summary, stage, scenes, study, compare, contrast

    • A Study Guide For Hamletby William Shakespeare Ages: 11 - 18Little is known about Shakespeare's personal life, because he left no diaries or letters. Records indicate that Shakespeare spent his youth in Stratford-upon-Avon, a small English village.Subjects: playwright, poet, dramatist, comedies, sonnets, lyric, human nature

    • A Midsummer Night's Dreamby Class Zone Ages: 14 - 18Have students work in small groups to create a chart that lists different sources of romantic attraction. Encourage students to be as specific as possible. For example, one column of the chart might list physical attributes...Subjects: language arts, novel guide, theme, Shakespeare

    • Shmoop Ages: 12 - 18Shmoop (Official Honoree of Webby Awards - 2009) is a new learning and teaching resource, lovingly made by experts and educators from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, and other top universities. Shmoop offers more than 370 smart, fun learning guides...Subjects: resource, learning guides, biography, history, civics, literature, poetry, education

    • A Study Guide For My Antoniaby Willa Cather Ages: 12 - 18Since childhood, Willa Cather had the ability to see her own brand of art in the people, situations, and emotions of everyday life. Her unique perspective on ordinary life can be found in her novels...Subjects: novels, short stories, essays, Red Cloud, Nebraska

    • Language Arts Novel Guideby Class Zone Ages: 16 - 18One of the most entertaining and best-loved modern British plays, Pygmalion is intriguing for its social commentary and endearing for its love story. In this play, Henry Higgins, an upper-middle-class gentleman of leisure, transforms Eliza Doolittle...Subjects: Pygmalion, George Bernard Shawn, pride, love, marriage

    • Ethan Fromeby Edith Wharton Ages: 11+The unnamed narrator meets a striking figure whose appearance and limping gait attract his notice. As he gains the man's confidence, the narrator uncovers the painful and ironic story of the man, Ethan Frome, and hears his tale of ...Subjects: study guide, notes, characters, Ethan Frome

    • A Study Guide For The Tempestby William Shakespeare Ages: 14 - 18Even though The Tempest is set in an imaginary, fairy tale -- like world, actual events strongly influence the plot. Like most writers, Shakespeare used real-life events as starting points for his creations and let his artistic imagination transform them.Subjects: study guide, forgiveness, vocabulary, England, active reading, virtue

    • Planet Earth: Ice Worldsby Andrew Fildes Ages: 12+Each episode examines a specific environment, focussing on key species or relationships in each habitat; the challenges they face; the behaviours they exhibit and the adaptations that enable them to survive. Antarctica is a giant continent crushed ...Subjects: study guide, lesson, teachers, students, ecosystem, geography, Arctic, science

    • The Brothers Karamazovby Fyodor Dostoevsky Ages: 14 - 18Dostoevsky's father and mother were interested in the literature of the day, and reading aloud was a family tradition. They also raised their children in the Russian Orthodox religion.Subjects: study guide, activity, discussion, vocabulary, writing, political