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Check out the Budget Home$chool Holiday Section! Here we have provided links to holiday trivia, themes, educational projects just for kids and so much more... You will find information on the history of Valentine's Day, arts and craft ideas for Christmas, helpful ideas on starting your own family traditions the children will not only remember but pass along to their own children.

This page is packed full of links that will entertain and education children and adults alike.

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    • Declaration of Independenceby Barbara Speicher's Ages: 8 - 15Creative teachers can use music to teach content across the curriculum to students of all ages. We offer thousands of children's songs, lyrics, sound clips and teaching suggestions.Subjects: music, activities, song, order, lyrics, social studies

    • Independence Day Themeby A to Z Teacher Stuff Ages: 5 - 18Copies of important documents in American history: The Magna Carta, The Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, George Washington's Farewell Address, The Star Spangled Banner, The Gettysburg Address...Subjects: lesson plans, thematic, unit, printables, worksheets, arts, crafts, 4th of July

    • Yankee Doodleby Richard Shuckburgh Ages: 3 - 8Yankee Doodle went to town, a-riding on a pony, stuck a feather in his cap, and called it macaroni. Yankee Doodle, keep it up, Yankee Doodle dandy...Subjects: song, lyrics, music, patriotic

    • A 4th of July Celebrationby Fran Wisniewski Ages: 4 - 9Two hundred years ago, before the United States was born, King George III of England, told the people who lived in the English colonies in America that they would have to pay taxes. The people living in the colonies didn't think this was fair.Subjects: preschool, celebrate, history, England, colonies

    • Lesson Plans for Independence Dayby Reading A-Z Ages: 8 - 13The little Hoppers are very excited to set off fireworks for Independence Day. But Mother and Papa Hopper know that fireworks are not safe for young rabbits.Subjects: lesson plan, worksheet, celebrate, reading, punctuation, grammar

    • Betsy Ross House Ages: 12+Though she's become an American icon for the part she played in the birth of our nation, there is a fascinating real woman behind the legend. Betsy Ross was a wife, working mother and entrepreneur who led a life filled with triumph and tragedy. Subjects: flag, history, designer, Betsy Ross, Revolutionary War, exhibit, unique, crafts, storytelling, events, flag festival

    • Celebrating the 4th of July with A Kids Heartby Roxie Carroll Ages: 5 - 15There are tons of learning activities as well as fun activities that everyone in the whole house will enjoy. You can play games, make crafts or learn about 4th of July all together.Subjects: puzzles, fireworks, coloring, games, crafts

    • Independence Dayby Wilstar Ages: 8 - 15The history of the United States of America began long before the Colonists declared their independence. The Magna Carta, written in 1215 in order to try to convince King John of England to give the people certain rights...Subjects: history, music, founded, historic documents, patriotic, music

    • July 4th Fun for Kids, Family and Teachersby Billy Bear Ages: 5 - 12The kids will really enjoy this link as it will keep them busy all day doing different projects, coloring or games for 4th of July. You adults will enjoy playing with the kids as well...Subjects: puzzles, coloring, games, clipart

    • The Chemistry of Fireworksby Marshall Brain Ages: 10+Have you ever wondered how this magic works? What is launched into the sky to make these beautiful displays? Just about everyone in the United States has some personal experience with fireworks, either from Fourth of July or New Years Eve celebrations.Subjects: sparklers, firecrackers, fuel, binder, iron, magic, aerial fireworks, Fourth of July, pyrotechnic devices, flash powder, black powder

    • Myth and Truth: Independence Day Ages: 9 - 12Most Americans think of the Fourth of July as Independence Day -- but is it really the day the United States declared its independence?Subjects: Declaration of Independence, history, facts, stories, lesson plan, Schoolhouse Rock

    • USA Coloring Pages (posters)by DLTK's Crafts for Kids Ages: 4 - 9The kids will love coloring these patriot pictures as part of their Fourth of July celebration. Display them on the fridge.Subjects: paper, printer, crayons, coloring pages, patriotic

    • Yankee Doodle Dandy Ages: 8 - 16Starting out in England as a Roundhead song in Cromwell's revolution, this song about an unheroic "Yankee Doodle dandy" with a feather in his cap stood for foreign, un-English influence among the royalists. Brought to America, the catchy tune inspired...Subjects: confederate, parody, song, Yorktown, English, America, British

    • 4th of July/Independence Day Crafts Ages: 8+Celebrate the 4th of July by creating easy family crafts, projects, and activities to show off your patriotic spirit.Subjects: crafts , summer projects, pillow, door hanger, ball catchers

    • The Declaration of Independenceby Classroom Classics Ages: 8+Songs that teach history of USA for children. Songs include: The Ride of Paul Revere, We The People, You're A Grand Old Flag, The Star-Spangled Banner...Subjects: lyrics, songs, liberty, independence,

    • Welcome to Independence Day on the Net Ages: 5+The 4th of July is a time for the Red, White, and Blue. A time for picnics, parades and marching bands. So pour yourself a cold one, put another "shrimp on the barbie," and join us for a birthday celebration with fun holiday things for you and your familySubjects: history, flag facts, national parks, fireworks, crafts

    • What the Presidents Did On the Fourth of Julyby James Heintze Ages: 10+This chronology gives information on what the presidents were doing on the Fourth of July, but only during their tenures as presidents. Many of the presidents remained in the public eye after leaving office, giving speeches and participating in a variety of activities. Subjects: presidents, American, Fourth of July, speeches, articles, chronology, events, research

    • History of the Fourthby PBS: A Capitol Fourth Ages: 8 - 15Taxation without representation!" That was the battle cry of the 13 colonies in America that were forced to pay taxes to England's King George III with no representation in Parliament. As dissatisfaction grew...Subjects: Second Continental Congress, taxes, Jefferson, Great Britain

    • 101 July 4th History & Cards Ages: 10+It's Fourth of July! Its celebration time for America. This day America was reborn. It's time to wish America 'Happy Birthday'! Just get set to wish everyone you know a rocking time by sending July fourth cards. Put your hands together for the USA!Subjects: history, jokes, links, recipes, timeline, Parliament

    • Folk Songs about Independence Day and Patriotism Ages: 10+American Independence Day is celebrated on the Fourth of July, commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Fireworks are traditional on this day. The Declaration contains the stirring words...Subjects: folk music, song lists, patriotic, singing

    • Fourth of July Celebrations Databaseby James R. Heintze Ages: 8+Its purpose is to bring together in one source selected examples of Fourth of July celebrations that have occurred throughout our nation's history from 1776 to the present. The goal is to capture a slice of the American cultural tradition...Subjects: content, access, celebrations, occurances

    • How to Make the Fourth of July Fun for Kidsby eHow Holidays & Celebrations Editor Ages: 5 - 16This is a fun and exciting activity for children to enjoy while you are having your Independance day party or get together, this will keep them busy. It is also something you can do as a group.Subjects: planning, hunt, supplies, instructions, tips

    • July 4th PC Downloads Ages: 5+Keep the kids busy this Fourth of July with these fabulous PC downloads including Independence Day screensavers, online games, kid's puzzles and more.Subjects: downloads, screensavers, Fourth of July, puzzles, games

    • The Betsy Ross Homepage Ages: 10+When we view the flag, we think of liberty, freedom, pride, and Betsy Ross. The American flag flies on the moon, sits atop Mount Everest, and is hurtling out in space. The flag is how America signs her name.Subjects: history, flag, stars, liberty, freedom

    • Today in History: July 4 Ages: 10+A brief history of the holiday also known as "Independence Day," which observes the day in which the Declaration of Independence was signed.Subjects: history, Independence Day, observation, fireworks

    • 4th of July Independence Day -- The History of the Holidayby Fabulous Living Ages: 9 - 14At the time of the signing the US consisted of 13 colonies under the rule of England's King George III. Leading up to the signing, there had been growing unrest in the colonies surrounding the taxes that colonists were required to pay to England. The major objection was "Taxation without Representation" -- the colonists had no say in the decisions of English Parliament.Subjects: holiday, colonies, King George, 4th of July, history, timeline, colonists, taxation, King George, England

    • Independence Day Ages: 5+Happy Birthday America! Today's holiday includes a look at our early American history, with a special focus on the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution, along with a Fourth of July craft and activity page especially for the little ones.Subjects: Declaration of Independence, Betsy Ross, liberty, American Revolution

    • The Betsy Ross Flag Ages: 10+Since there was no official flag during the first year of the United States, there were a great number of homespun flag designs. The flag made by Betsy Ross is without question the most well known of those.Subjects: official flag, United States, designs, homespun

    • A Heavenly Sky Show on the 4th of July Ages: 8+Every summer, on the one night when millions of Americans are guaranteed to be outside at nightfall, watching the sky, almost no one pays attention to the heavens. It's all fireworks, fireworks, fireworks. Stars and planets don't stand a chance.Subjects: astronomers, sky watch, moon, telescope, Jupiter

    • Fourth of July is Independence Dayby Ages: 8+Independence Day honors the birthday of the United States of America and the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. It's a day of picnics and patriotic parades, a night of concerts and fireworks, and a reason to fly the American flag.Subjects: tips, fireworks, travel, facts, history

    • July 4th Craft and History Lessonby Fun Lesson Plans Ages: 7 - 12Download these two printable pages with illustrations and instructions for the "Waving Wands" craft activity plus background information for a holiday lesson plan.Subjects: craft activity, history, parade, red, white, blue