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Check out the Budget Home$chool Holiday Section! Here we have provided links to holiday trivia, themes, educational projects just for kids and so much more... You will find information on the history of Valentine's Day, arts and craft ideas for Christmas, helpful ideas on starting your own family traditions the children will not only remember but pass along to their own children.

This page is packed full of links that will entertain and education children and adults alike.

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    • Christian Easter Crafts for Children, Cross Crafts for Chidrenby Bible Kids Fun Zone Ages: 2 - 12This fun interactive lesson begins by retelling the true story of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection using some of the pictures from The Best Miracle Lesson. Circle Talk Time is an object lesson for preschool children which uses the craft page...Subjects: Easter lessons, activity, preschool, bible, coloring pages, printables, crafts, Jesus, stickers, rhyme, actions, pretend play, Christian

    • Easter for Kids & Teachersby KiddyHouse Ages: 8+Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ's rising from the dead (His Resurrection) after His crucifixion which took place on what we now term Good Friday. Easter is usually celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon...Subjects: article, Easter, celebration, Good Friday, Christians, Passover, Holy Week

    • Easter Games - Easter Quiz, Maze, Puzzles and Alphabet Soup Ages: 3 - 9Welcome to Eastertime at Alphabet Soup! I hope that you enjoy the activities on these pages! There are so many fun activities to get involved with on Easter but none as fun as giving Easter gift baskets.Subjects: games, quiz, maze, scramble, coloring, eggs, Easter, printables, puzzles

    • Annie's Easter Just for Kids Pageby Annie Ages: 5 - 12They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness. -- Psalm 145:7-- It is the BEST present that I can give you for Easter! I want to show you how to ask Jesus into your heart and become a Christian. Happy Easter!Subjects: links, activities, word search, puzzles, cards, Easter, crafts, games, Christian, downloads, coloring pages

    • Easter Activitiesby Easter Fun Ages: 3 - 8Fun Easter activities for all ages to enjoy. Help guide the bunny through the maze while collecting as many Easter eggs as you can in this fun and challenging game.Subjects: links, activities, eggs, Easter, bunny, decorate, printables, maze, games

    • Easter Cookie Recipe with Salvation Message for Kidsby CherBear's Den Ages: 3 - 15Making cookies with your children to teach the true meaning of Easter! The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and Only, Who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.Subjects: Easter lesson, Christian, scripture, activity, cookies, Easter, recipe, ingredients, bible versus, baking

    • Vibrant Eggs, Dyed Naturally Ages: 3+Dyed Easter eggs have wandered in many directions in their history, from dying them red in remembrance of Christ's blood, to what a lot of kids will tell you now: they color eggs to make them look like jelly beans.Subjects: article, instructions, Easter, eggs, dyes, decorating, fertility, abundance, onion skins, razors, purple cabbage, turmeric, beets

    • PAAS Easter Eggs Ages: 3 - 15For more than 125 years, PAAS Easter Egg Dyes have been a part of America's Easter tradition. Whether planning an Easter egg hunt, looking for Easter crafts and activities for the whole family, or interested in finding out what's new in decorating kits...Subjects: links, games, crafts, tips, tricks, eggs, Easter, decorating

    • Easter Basket Cardby Debbie Knechtel Ages: 5 - 15A goodie basket that is easy to make that you can send to your friends and family. It takes very little time to put together and in an adorable greeting that will be kept in the memory box.Subjects: activity, project, craft, fun, Easter basket, step-by-step, cardstock, ribbon, egg stickers, instructions, memory box

    • Easter Facts - Facts About Easter - Easter Triviaby Indobase Ages: 5+Easter is a grand festival of Christians. There are many interesting facts about Easter that we are all unaware of. Read on to explore about Easter trivia. Here are some Easter facts: - Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25...Subjects: article, facts, Easter, Christians, trivia, origin, bunnies, painting

    • Hoppy Easter - Welcome to a Celebration of Easterby Holidays on the Net Ages: 3+Easter is the springtime holiday marking the rebirth of Jesus and the renewal of the Christian faith. It is a blessed time for the faithful to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of the Savior... and a magical time for children...Subjects: article, links, Easter, Orthodox, games, activities, crafts, coloring, recipes, facts

    • The World's Largest Easter Eggby Jake Easton Ages: 18+The unique nature and complicated geometry of the egg shape made the design of the pysanka a highly complex undertaking. Professor Ronald Resch, a computer scientist at the University of Utah, agreed to take on the design project.Subjects: article, egg, facts, Easter, Ukrainian, recognition, meaning, Pysanky, jig-saw puzzle, equilateral triangles, math, art, CanadaLocation: Vegreville, Canada

    • Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky)by Olga Ages: 18+Archeologists have discovered ceramic pysanky in Ukraine dating back to 1300 B.C. They have linked pysanky designs to those of Egyptian ceramics created in 1500 B.C., and to symbolism of the Trypilljan culture in Ukraine of 3000 B.C. 6000 years ago...Subjects: links, eggs, Ukrainian, Easter, eggs, egg stands, art, history, instructions, Pysanky

    • Peep Research - Marshmallow Peeps science experimentsby Marshmallow Peeps Ages: 18+Perhaps one of the most under-represented areas of study worldwide, issues of Peep well-being are only now making their way into the mainstream consciousness.Subjects: links, marshmallow peeps, research, studies, reactions, peep health

    • DLTK's Easter Sectionby DLTK's Ages: 3 - 15Printable craft templates for preschool and kindergarten kids Easter crafts. Directions for many different dying techniques (and how to boil an egg! *grin*)Subjects: links, Easter, coloring pages, crafts, eggs, puzzles, poems, songs, printables, recipes

    • Easter Recipes Ages: 16+Looking for Easter recipes? From Easter brunch to ham recipes to Easter desserts, create your own holiday menu with these recipes for appetizers, side dishes, Easter dinner, dessert recipes and more...Subjects: recipes, breakfast, asparagus, spinach, Easter Bunny Bread, french toast, flapjacks, omelet, deviled eggs, ham, health, baked ham

    • Pysanky - Ukrainian Easter Eggsby zBill Yakowenko Ages: 6+These are a traditional craft in Ukraine, with a history of thousands of years. The method is similar to batik - patterns are drawn on the egg with wax, which then protects the covered areas from the dye that is applied. Subjects: article, links, Ukrainian, Easter, eggs, dyes, crafts, Pysanky

    • Easter Bunny Match Gameby BlackDog Ages: 3 - 7What is hiding behind those Easter eggs? Click on an egg button to turn it over. Continue clicking on the buttons until you find all the matching bunnies. When you've matched them all, click on the hidden image to see all of it and to start the game...Subjects: activity, Easter, game, eggs, matching, bunnies,

    • Easter Time - Easter Activities for Kidsby Kaboose Ages: 5 - 15Eggs, and bunnies, and jelly beans, oh my! Our selection of Easter crafts, recipes, and activities will have your whole family excited for Easter.Subjects: links, crafts, printables, games, recipes, Easter, egg hunt

    • The Symbolism of the Ukrainian Easter Sophia Zielyk Ages: 18+Ukrainian Easter eggs embody a myriad of symbolism: the symbolism of the egg itself, the symbolism of design and the symbolism of design and the symbolism of color. Why is it that the egg became one of the most important elements in the system...Subjects: article, Ukrainian, eggs, Easter, traditions, symbols, designs, Pysanky

    • Ukrainian Easter Eggsby Nathaniel Ostashewski Ages: 18+The following Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky) are created using actual ostrich eggs which have been drained. These eggs are hand painted original works of art that make a fine addition to any egg collection. Each egg comes complete with a glass display...Subjects: article, store, links, ostrich eggs, Ukrainian, Easter, painted, collection, Pysanky

    • Easter Games & Activitiesby ESL KidStuff Ages: 3 - 9Have the kids line up at the Start Line, squat down and grasp their ankles with each hand from behind. On GO, they waddle to a designated Finish Line. They can't let go of their ankles or they are disqualified. Subjects: games, activities, exercises, race, bowling, Easter, eggs, classroom

    • Easter in Mexicoby Ron Mader Ages: 8+In 2010 Holy Week (Semana Santa) is celebrated March 28- April 4. During Holy Week (Semana Santa), worshippers participate in reenactments of the Passion, from Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem to his crucifixion and resurrection.Subjects: Mexico, Easter, Semana Santa, holy week, carnival, Lent, celebration

    • Make your own Easter basketsby Creative Kids at Home Ages: 3+Don't buy that fake grass for your basket! Ick! Make this instead - it's easy and fun! Best of all, you can compost it when you are done instead of throwing it in the garbage or storing it for a full year.Subjects: links, Easter, baskets, crafts, materials, instructions, eggs, decorating

    • Easter in Cyberspace A Christian Perspective Ages: 12+I like bunnies as much as the next person. You probably like bunnies, too. But Lent is not a time to be confused about the reason for Easter. It's not about rabbits distributing egg, ooh-ing and aah-ing over cute baby chicks...Subjects: links, Easter, Christians, lent, cross, sermons, history, holy week, meditations

    • Easter Trivia Quiz - Interactive quizby Robert Sherman Ages: 6 - 15What do you know about the history and traditions of Easter? Take the Easter Trivia Quiz! If you're not sure about an answer, take a guess anyway, because there's no penalty for a wrong answer.Subjects: quiz, Easter, trivia, history, traditions, game, learning

    • Making Natural Easter Egg Dyesby Whats Cooking America Ages: 10+Give the Easter bunny a run for his money by dyeing Easter eggs the natural way, using common foods and flowers. Rubber bands are all you need to make tie-dyed eggs. Use a collection of different sized rubber bands.Subjects: article, Easter, natural dye, eggs, instructions, colors, foods, flowers, cabbage, beets, spinach, blueberries, cranberries

    • About Sweden: History of Easterby Helena Normark Ages: 10+Originally, Easter was a Jewish tradition. About two thousand years ago, the Jews were slaves in Egypt, and they celebrate Easter in memory of leaving Egypt and going to what is now Israel.Subjects: article, Easter, Sweden, Christianity, Jewish, traditions, "Pask", Jesus

    • Cottontail Cutieby Amanda Formaro Ages: 3 - 8You've heard of Peter Cottontail? We'd like you to meet our little Cottentail Cutie, a dear friend of Peter's. This adorable craft can be put together quickly even by the smallest creative hands.Subjects: article, crafts, Easter, paint, glue, project, cotton balls, bunny

    • Basic Egg Techniquesby Martha Stewart Living Ages: 5 - 18For our colorful Easter basket projects, we planned each basket around one color, but you can mix colors or combine ideas from different baskets. If you blow out the eggs (see below), you can keep them from year to year.Subjects: article, eggs, ingredients, step-by-step, projects, crafts, baskets, Easter

    • Natural Dyes for Eggsby Kim Tilley Ages: 5+Here are some ideas for dying your eggs naturally. Usually, the more natural ingredient you use the longer it takes to dye them, even overnight in some cases. The longer they soak, the darker the color.Subjects: article, instructions, Easter, natural dye, eggs, colors, ingredients

    • Online Easter Gamesby Roxie Carroll Ages: 5 - 10Try to find all the eggs hidden in the park. Put the eggs in the basket by dragging them with your mouse, and when you're finished, please remember to tidy up the park. 10 eggs are hidden among the flowers and the grass. Click on each egg as you find it.Subjects: links, online games, Easter, eggs, decorate, dress up, puzzles

    • Irish Easter traditions Ages: 12+To our ancestors, an Irish Easter was a time of religious contemplation, fasting, feasting and dancing. Holy Week, the week that includes Good Friday, used to be a full seven-day period of extreme denial. Black tea, dry bread, potatoes with salt (but no butter or buttermilk) and perhaps a little porridge made up the daily fare of this difficult week until Friday when some families denied themselves anything other than dry bread and water.Subjects: articles, Irish, feasting, fasting, black tea, Good Friday, Christian, festival, medieval times, traditions, Easter Eve, eggs

    • Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturallyby Crunchy Domestic Goddess Ages: 5 - 18It is more time-consuming than using a store-bought conventional egg dye kit, but it is healthier for your kids and the environment. Dyeing eggs the natural way gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your family...Subjects: article, Easter, eggs, natural, dye, healthy, kids, family, project, organic, fruit juice, red cabbage, allergies, environmentally friendly

    • Hop to it! Play our Easter game!by BBC Ages: 5 - 12Why not hone your Easter egg collecting skills in time for the big day? Help bunny catch his Easter eggs as they fall inexplicably from the sky.. but avoid those stripey ones or you'll lose points.Subjects: link, article, game, Easter, bunny, eggs

    • Matching Easter Egg Funby Prongo Ages: 5 - 10Interactive Easter activity site including a maze game, bunny simulator, and egg decoration.Subjects: links, games, activity, Easter, egg, matching, bunnies, maze

    • Polish Easter Traditions and Customs Ages: 12+Easter observances in Poland actually begin on Ash Wednesday, when pussywillows called in polish "bazie" or "kotki" are cut and placed in the water. These pussywillow twigs are used later on Palm Sunday as "palms" to be blessed in the church...Subjects: article, Polish, Easter, Palm Sunday, commemoration, Jerusalem

    • A Soldier's View of the Tomb (Easter)by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson Ages: 10+Cassius stood at rigid attention in front of the commanding officer of Jerusalem's military cohort. "Centurion," the officer barked, "explain yourself! One of your squads was assigned to guard a tomb, a dead man...Subjects: article, Easter, Jerusalem, soldiers, Cassius, Jesus, Tribune

    • Easter Egg Gameby Boowa and Kwala Ages: 5 - 8An Easter Egg Game is fun to play. If you like to decorate eggs, you will love this easter egg game! The eater bunny could paint a whole basket of these eggs...and that's no yolk! Put on your easter bonnet and play this colorful easter egg game.Subjects: game, Easter Egg, decorate eggs, Easter Bunny, paint

    • Easter Egg Match Gameby Primary Games Ages: 3 - 8Fun site for teachers, parents, and kids featuring free educational games, coloring pages, interactive e-books, holiday activities, musical postcards...Subjects: game, matching, Easter, scramble, solve, eggs, bunnies

    • Easter Egg Safetyby Eric Burkett Ages: 18+Dried onion skins will produce a gold colored dye, just as spinach will give you pale green. Even beets, she added, will still come out paler than the juice straight from the vegetable. Blueberries, purple cabbage, or coffee or tea are all good options. A simple chef's trick will increase the intensity of those colors somewhat, however. Begin by simmering those ingredients in just two cups of water.Subjects: article, safety, eggs, blueberries, decorating dangers, Easter, handling, preparation, critical, boiling, refrigeration, fresh eggs

    • Easter Fun & Gamesby Chateau MeddyBemps Ages: 3 - 6Easter games and egg-tivities page also Edgar's Easter Egg Story. Find the eggs and put them in the basket. Can you find all twelve? Hide them again for the next player or start again.Subjects: game, Easter, eggs, activity, find eggs, hiding, basket, preschool

    • Easter in Slovakiaby Randall Kopchak Ages: 18+Easter in the Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Traditon. Christ is Risen, and you, o death, are annihilated! Christ is Risen, and the evil ones are cast down!Subjects: article, links, Easter, Slovakia, traditions, hymns, art, foods, Easter bread, learning

    • Ethnic Easter Eatsby Sharon Hoyer Ages: 8+Take a break from that chocolate bunny and savor these old-world delicacies. We make a lot of hullabaloo over christmas here in the states. But in many parts of Europe, Easter is the most anticipated Christian holiday...Subjects: article, hullabaloo, Easter, symbolism, holy week, feasts, Europe, bread

    • Free Easter Games - jigsaw puzzels, mah jong, memory, card games Ages: 3 - 15There are alot of interactive Easter games that you can download and play as a family or you can sample the game before you download it.Subjects: links, games, puzzles, Easter, free, rabbit, eggs, memory

    • How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggsby Learn Pysanky Ages: 7+Welcome to, also known as How to Make Ukrainian Easter eggs! I've been providing free instructions in this beautiful Eastern European art form online since 1997. Once only made at Easter, Ukrainian Easter Eggs, or pysanky...Subjects: article, Easter, Ukrainian, eggs, instructions, free, crafts, decorate, Pysanky

    • Preschool Education - Science and Sensory education Ages: 5 - 15Different ways to color eggs. Wet the eggs and place pieces of colored tissue paper on the egg. When the egg dries the tissue paper falls off and the colors stay behind...Subjects: article, science, Easter, eggs, dying, crafts, basket, guessing, bunny

    • How to Make Easter Cookie Baskets for Your Friends by eHow Ages: 4+Your friends will start to salivate when you present them with these festive cookie baskets. Buy several pastel-colored woven baskets and decorate them with ribbon. Fill the bottoms with brightly colored paper Easter grass and foil-wrapped chocolate eggs.Subjects: article, instructions, baskets, Easter, coloring, crafts, step-by-step, eggs, recipes

    • Incredible Edible Eggs Ages: 5+All over the world, eggs are important as a food. You can even feed them to your pets. Because eggs are so easy to prepare, they're often the first food young people learn how to cook. Here you can find easy recipes, exciting ethnic recipes...Subjects: article, links, Easter, kids, family, games, designs, facts, recipes

    • Eggs and Birds by EggScape Ages: 7+An ostrich egg, at 3.3 pounds is the larges single cell that exists today on our planet. It's also the largest egg, and it looks about the size of a medium cantaloupe. (Some of the dinosaurs had larger eggs. Subjects: article, ostrich, eggs, birds, learning, history, size, dinosaur eggs

    • Easter Eggsby Easter on the Net Ages: 6+Of all the symbols associated with Easter the egg, the symbol of fertility and new life, is the most identifiable. The customs and traditions of using eggs have been associated with Easter for centuries.Subjects: article, eggs, Easter, symbols, customs, traditions, Greece, art, patterns, Pysanky

    • Egg Decoratingby Chateau Meddybemps Ages: 3 - 8Color this Easter egg any color you choose, erase and color again.Subjects: games, Easter, eggs, decorate, paint, preschool, egg-tivities

    • Festive Easter Cookies Ages: 3+Make the best Festive Easter Cookies with this easy recipe. This is an easy to follow recipe and can be made by preschool children and they will enjoy baking the cookies as well as having fun and making a mess.Subjects: cookies, Easter, directions, ingredients, videos, recipe, decorating