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The Budget Home$chool History section is shock full of history! History is my favorite subject, and I hope it will become your favorite too. Whether you are interested in creating your own time-line or searching for information on WWII, you will find it here. You will find a large section on the depression era, ancient civilizations, the holocaust, the Vietnam war, the history of the America's and much more...

We've included interactive history sites wherever possible to provide a fun learning experience for children. These links might be just the ticket you need to peak your child's interest in historical events. Enjoy!

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    • Civil War - A to Z Home's Cool

    • The American Civil War

    • Civil War, Guns & Education

    • Historical Fiction for Children

    • Virtual Civil Warby John Hamill Ages: 8+Fields of battle are not like other places; they are made special by men's sacrifices. A battle cannot be properly understood without seeing where it was fought. The battlefield photographs are intended to show the lay of the land and make the battles understandable; many of the photos are panoramic and show the land much better than a single snapshot. Terrain has an enormous impact on battles, and battles change the course of history.Subjects: resource, photographer, Civil War, Gettysburg, First Manassas, Carnifix Ferry, Cedar Mountain, Brawner Farm, Petersburg Assault, Cold Harbor Campaign, Hunter's Raid Location: various

    • Cotton promotes slavery

    • The Civil War in Children's Literature

    • Virtual Civil Warby Mike Lynaugh Ages: 7+Photographer Mike Lynaugh has created an impressive collection of original Civil War era photographer, which he shares. The site is shy on text but loaded with terrific Civil War images of all sorts. Keep this link handy to refer to as you study the Civil War.Subjects: resource, photographer, Civil War, Gettysburg, confederate heritage, battlefields, historic images, original Civil War photographs, re-enactments, Rememberance Day, Photo ShowcaseLocation: various

    • Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace Video: Remembering Lincolnby KET Ages: 9 - 15Why is it important to memorialize heroes? Why is Abraham Lincoln remembered and how is he recognized? Find out more in this video segment from the KET production Lincoln: I, too, am a Kentuckian and in this background essay. Because of his leadership as president, Abraham Lincoln is considered an American hero. Have you ever thought about how we honor our heroes?Subjects: video, history, resource, essay, Abraham Lincoln, hero, leadership, Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park, memorial, stamps, Lincoln pennies, honor, log cabin, President LincolLocation: Hodgenville, Kentucky

    • Shotgun's Opinion Page