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Thank you for visiting Budget Homeschool. This section of our site provides free resources for homeschooling parents and students on a variety of topics and subject matter. I hope you find these links useful.

While I do my best to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, some websites do fall by the wayside. If you find a bad link, or a link that should be included here, please let me know.

Happy Homeschooling!

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    • Elections: Let's Do The Election Slide!by Congress for Kids Ages: 10 - 19Democracy requires citizens to participate in their government, beginning with the duty to vote. This section will help you learn more about the American process. It is important for each person involved in a group to have a voice in deciding the rules and choosing the leaders. This is accomplished by voting.Subjects: resource, election process, democracy, government, voting, election trivia, political parties, caucus, primary, candidates

    • Elections 101by Zoom out the Vote Ages: 10 - 19The government--whether it's in Washington, DC, in your state, or in your hometown--affects your life and by voting, you get to say what's important to you, and you say it straight to the politicians. Each of us (when we're old enough) has one and only one vote. Voting is one of the few times when all grown-ups in the U.S. have an equal say. No matter how much money you have or who your friends are, you only get one vote. Subjects: resource, government, government, voting, poltitans, environment, global warming, political parties, caucus, primary, candidates, voting booth, registration, polling office

    • Brainpop Electionsby BrainPOP Ages: 10 - 19Sometimes old ideas are good ones! In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby introduce you to the history of democracy. You'll find out what the word means, and how a democratic government functions. Subjects: resource, lesson plans, election quiz, poltical beliefs, political parties, primaries, caucuses, women's suffrage

    • Election 2012: Election 101by Matthew Zdun Ages: 10 - 19On November 6, 2012, Americans will head to the polls to vote for the President of the United States. Even though the country is nearly 17 months away from the election, the pool of candidates is already taking shape. Subjects: resource, primer, November 6, 2012, election, candidates, Republican challengers, voters, debates, Iowa caucus, convention, issues, economy

    • Elections for Kidsby Gallopade International Ages: 10 - 19One day you will be old enough to vote for president. Don't wait to try it out-you and your class can vote on more than 25 topics on this website. Vote today and every week, now through the November 2012 presidential election! Your vote counts! Subjects: election process, voting, election trivia, political parties, caucus, primary, convention, electorial college

    • Kids Voting USAby BrainPOP Ages: 10 - 19A national leader in civic education, Kids Voting USA gets students involved and ready to be educated, engaged citizens. Students learn about democracy through a combination of classroom activities, family dialogue and an authentic voting experience. Subjects: resource, civics, democracy, classroom activities, research, candidates, conventions, debates, Voting Barriers, Mock Elections