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Welcome to the Budget Home$chool English section! Here you will find an assortment of links, which will help your children become better writers, better spellers, and even better able to communicate. We've included resources for grammar tips, vocabulary building, common punctuation mistakes, handwriting lessons and much more...

Show your child how much fun in can be using new vocabulary words. Whether your child wants to write a new comic strip, learn about sentence structure, diagramming sentences or learn to write humorous short stories; you will find something of interest. Check back often for more English fun and tips.

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    • Diagramming Sentences 101by Ages: 12+You must understand that diagramming sentences is strictly a means to understand the unlying structure of typical English sentences. Teaching diagramming for the sake of diagramming only upsets other English teachers. Encourage students to argue, show...Subjects: resources, grammar, writing, sentence structure, activities

    • Diagramming Sentencesby Capital Community College Foundation Ages: 12+Many grammarians and English instructors who hold that analyzing a sentence and portraying its structure with a consistent visual scheme can be helpful -- both for language beginners and for those trying to make sense of the language at any level.Subjects: resources, types, sentence parts, writing, sentence structure

    • Dr. B's On-line Lessons & Resourcesby Carolyn O. Burleson Ages: 10 - 18Resources for integrating technology into the curriculum. Study guides and activities incorporate video and the technology of the Internet as tools to assist in the learning process.Subjects: language, diagramming, grammar, usage, writing, video, workshop

    • Diagramming Sentencesby Barbara J. Feldman Ages: 10+Diagramming sentences is such a fun way to learn about what makes a sentence tick. It's like solving a puzzle!" We introduce sentence diagramming with subjects and predicates, and only briefly touch on adding adjectives and adverbs into the mix.Subjects: composition, grammar, videos, writing, sentence structure

    • How do you diagram the sentence, "See Spot run"?by Cecil Adams Ages: 12+Educational conservatives sometimes say our problems would be over if we just taught kids to diagram sentences. Consider this simple sentence, which is found in that most basic of books: "See Spot run." How would you diagram this sentence?Subjects: objective infinitive, verb, sentence, transformational grammar

    • Grammar on the Webby Ted Nellen Ages: 10+One day the Nouns were clustered in the street. An Adjective walked by, with her dark beauty. The Nouns were struck, moved, changed. The next day a Verb drove up, and created the Sentence.Subjects: grammar, parts of a sentence, games, lessons, proper, errors

    • Linguistic humor, Diagramming sentencesby Gertrude Stein and Dave Barry Ages: 12+First spread the sentence out on a clean, flat surface, such as an ironing board. Then locate the "predicate," which indicates where the action has taken place and is usually located directly behind the gills. For example, in the sentence...Subjects: grammar, parts of a sentence, proper, particles

    • Diagramming Latin Sentences - Part Iby Barbara F. McManus Ages: 12+Diagramming is a technique for translating Latin sentences to their English equivalents. It is a sort of bridge to help you cross from one language to the other: on one side is a thought expressed according to correct Latin grammar and usage, and...Subjects: Latin, grammar, technique, translating, language, kernel