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Celebrate National Dog Appreciation Month

Celebrate Dog Appreciation Month

April Holidays

On April Fool's Day, pranksters play practical jokes on family, friends and neighbors in order to embarrass those silly enough to believe it. With April Fool's Day crafts, you can find new ways to prank your family and friends. While everyone is laughing celebrate National Humor Month.

We all live on one planet and we try to keep it clean and beautiful. Now is time to plant a garden or a tree; to clean out the garage and recycle unwanted items. Whether cleaning out the garage or planting a garden, celebrate Earth Day, National Garden Month and Keep America Beautiful Month.

Education Related

Awareness Related

International Guitar Month Alcohol Awareness Month
Keep America Beautiful Month IBS Awareness Month
National Humor Month National Autism Awareness Month
National Poetry Month Child Abuse Prevention Month
Uh-Huh Month Counseling Awareness Month
National Garden Month Stress Awareness Month
National Kite-Flying Month Jazz Appreciation Month    [Play a Jazz game]
Math Education Month World Habitat Awareness Month
Dog Appreciation Month National Recycling Month
National Woodworking Month International Listening Awareness Month

Food Related

Health Related

National Florida Tomato Month National Anxiety Month
National Food Month Cancer Control Month
National Soft Pretzel Month National Youth Sports Safety Month
National Soy Foods Month National Occupational Therapy Month
National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month National Facial Protection Month
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Celebrate April Holidays

Budget Homeschool
    • Winston Churchill Day
    • Name Yourself Day
    • National Geographic Bee (State Level)
    • National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day

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